At Saigon Noodle House we try our best  to  accommodate most dietary preference and allergies. With that said, there are still no guarantees. For “Gluten Allergies or Sensitivity” and other allergies, our cooks have to change their line settings, with fresh cloths, cookware and a hand wash, which may take longer for dishes to be prepared. Be aware of any sauces that we serve, that may contain "Gluten" which is a anything that contains "Wheat".  We do not use MSG, but there may be traces of MSG in the spices and ingredients we use. Please inform your server of any allergies, peanuts are widely used in our kitchen.

Please Select a Menu

G54/   Fresh Summer Rolls – Side of Sweet Chili Sauce
[Shrimp] or [Chicken]
G55/ [Rare Beef] [Chicken]  or [Shrimp]  Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup 9.99
G56/ Lemon Grass Shrimp with Shrimp Summer Roll, Light Salad and Soup – Side of Sweet Chilli Sauce 13.99
G57/ Stir Fry with [Beef] or [Chicken] with Mixed Vegetables – Served with Side of Jasmine Rice & Tamari Soy Sauce 13.99
G58/ Choice of [Shrimp] [Chicken] or [Beef] Fried Rice with Green Peas, Chopped Carrots and Eggs
[Add $2 to make it Special]
G59/ [Grilled Beef] or [ Grilled Shrimp],  Shrimp Summer Roll on Vermicelli Noodles with Fresh Lettuce/Bean  Sprouts/ Pickled Carrots & Side of Sweet Chilli Sauce 13.50
G60/ Authentic Wok Noodles with your choice of [Beef] or [Chicken]
[Shrimp 16.99]
G61/ Creamy Curry Pad Thai with [Chicken] or[Beef]
[Shrimp 17.99]
G62/ Street Pad Thai with [Chicken] or [Beef]
[Shrimp 17.99]
G63/ Sizzling Plattter with [Chicken] or [Beef]
[Shrimp 20.99]
G64/ Thai Green Curry with [Chicken]
[Shrimp 18.99]

[Extra Sweet Chilli Sauce 1.00]
[Extra Item 3.00]